Tuesday, January 26, 2010

elusive nauli kriya

Try as I might, nauli kriya still eludes me. I taught agni sara while I was in Germany, as part of my Wake the Snake class. I didn't talk about nauli. It's more difficult to conceive of when it's new, and I can't do it. Roland told me that it's part of his daily sadhana, so I tried to get him to really teach me what to do. His effort was good but still nauli isn't happening. This guy is pretty clear. I'll keep working on it. Decades, not days, right?


Update 10/16/2011...
I'm happy to report that nauli has become part of MY daily experience. Just like Roland predicted by setting my intention and moving toward it, it just happened. I shared it with the current class of Yoga School and was told that my waving middle was hypnotic and patriotic. "Patriotic?" "Yes, it's a bit like watching an American flag in the wind." Right on.

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Anonymous said...

It eludes so may of us!