Tuesday, January 12, 2010

honoring all parts - GYT day 5

The tour moved to Düsseldorf on today (Tuesday). It was my first time in the city, and I haven’t had a chance to really see it yet. I hope I get the chance.

I love anything that reveals itself to be maybe a little more challenging than outwardly perceived, or a little more exciting that originally believed. That is the practice of Surya Namaskara. I think the pranayama aspect of the this practice is the most intense part. Hearing or repeating the mantras forces us put A LOT of attention to how the breath moves. It’s out of this world!

I didn’t know what to expect from Vishnu’s Vibes. I have such a fondness for the Couch that I feared that no one else could ever live up to their willingness and receptivity. Let me just say that Vibes came and they turned it out! They came, and they came READY. Two hours was just barely enough time to talk about the stages of the sun, learn the sun mantras, talk about each asana, and go through 54 rounds of salutations. It was a bit funny to be sharing this practice of celebrating the sun when the sky was dark, but even the night is part of the sun’s daily journey. I liked thinking about that because each of these sun mantras and asanas honors an aspect of the Divine who is light, dark, seen and unseen. I had the best seat in the house, sitting behind the harmonium, chanting, and being mesmerized by the rising and bowing. When it was all over, I was literally shaking from the energy in the room.

Unfortunately, the night ended on a sad note. Just as we were clearing out, my husband called from California to tell me that his father had died suddenly earlier in the day here in Germany. It came as a huge shock but I was lucky that I was in a sacred space with friends when I got the news. Just like the sun plays a role in the night, death must play a role in life. I don’t know how or if the remaining days of the tour will be affected. I am traveling to father-in-law’s house to be with his wife, and my husband is boarding a plane later today to be here tomorrow morning. Teaching is such medicine for me and for all teachers. I think it will be good to go even deeper to place of teaching as service in the next days.

The final workshops are all geared towards exactly that too. Fire Dance (Thursday at Vibes) is a third Chakra vinyasa, Monkeying Around (Friday at Cool Yoga in Dortmund) is a practice to awaken the spirit of Hanuman, and Out of the Dark and Into the Light (Saturday at Yoga Villa in Leverkussen is a three-hour backbending master class. I think prepping and teaching those themes will be of great comfort to me which will allow me to be of service to my family. That being said, family will come first. So I’ll see what today brings and go from there.


Anonymous said...

I hope I am able to take a class with you before I go! When are you coming home? We miss you!

Keith said...

thanks, Michelle. Home now. Hope we still get one last class together.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Malaka, Malaysia. Keith, it is heaven on earth here. I have a guest room. You want to visit & teach some classes, we'll get our class in.

I miss you! But I am flourishing here. I'll be gone for a year, so you've got at least all of 2010 to make a trip over to Malaysia.