Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dormant no more - GYT day 2

Today is the first master class – Wake the Snake – but the tour got started last night when I taught the 6:30 class at LVC Südstadt. It was a great introduction. There were new faces and familiar spirits too. It gave me a chance to just share the kind of flow that I love. My friend and host Ulla commented that she was noticing the reactions of the new folks last night, seeing them move in a new way and being moved by the opportunity to do so.

I’m surprised how excited I am for today. I’m not sure why I’m surprised. I’ll get to share all of the subtle aspects of the practice that have been really turning me on for some time now. In some ways I have had to prep more than I do for some other classes or workshops because these mantras, mudras, kriyas and pranayamas are very powerful and I want to share them in a way that is accessible so that they can become tangible tools for people in their own sadhanas. But the “work” has been fun. Some of these practices are apart of my daily sadhana all the time but I’ve never given myself the luxury of having a practice consist solely of these subtle pranic powerhouses. I felt my own dormant snake stir this morning, and I’m hoping that I can help some other folks feel that waking today. Wake the Snake will be followed by kirtan tonight for which I’m always ready and willing. I’ll be playing with two local guys: Janko on bass, and Mike on voice and shakers. I can’t wait.

More after at the end of the day… stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, I have a regret, and that is that I did Rusty's training instead of working with you & Jasmine. Rusty was amazing. For new teachers, it was the best training ever. But... and how can we know these things?.... I wish I would have chosen you. It wasn't a choice I made lightly, I just wish it had been you. He's awesome. No diss intended. Your dedication, integrity and practice just rock my world. Thank you for being my teacher. I hope you are still here when I return so we can continue this yoga journey together. xoMish