Wednesday, July 14, 2010

stand up, be the messenger you were meant to be

In the spirit of Joan of Arc, Bastille Day, revolution, involution, and the practice of becoming a soldier of love NO MATTER WHAT. Today's poem and playlist.

No Reservations (for Art Jones)

there are no reservations
for the revolution

no polite little clerk
to send notice
to your room
saying you are WANTED
on the battlefield

there are no banners
to wave you forward
no blaring trumpets
not even a blues note
moaning wailing lone blue note
to the yoruba drums saying
strike now shoot
strike now fire
strike now run

there will be no grand
and a lot thrown round
your neck
people won't look up and say
"why he used to live next to me
isn't it nice
it's his turn now"

there will be no recruitment
where you can give
the most convenient hours
"monday wednesday i play ball
friday night i play cards
any other time i'm free"

there will be no reserve
of energy
no slacking off till next time
"let's see–i can come back
next week
better not wear myself out
this time"

there will be reservations
if we fail

~Nikki Giovanni

'freedom' playlist

1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Early Version)–Gil Scott-Heron
2. 2 Words: Miri's Free At Last Mix (feat. Kanye West & MLK,Jr.)–Miri Ben-Ari
3. I Feel Awake Even Though This Is a Dream–Suphala featuring Edie Brickell
4. Raining Revolution–Arrested Development
5. Elliptical–Me'Shell Ndegéocello
6. Gabrielle feat. Alice Russell - Alternate 12" Take–[re:jazz]
7. It's a New Day–
8. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now–McFadden & Whitehead
9. Answer Me–Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
10. Freedom Now–Tracy Chapman
11. To Be Young, Gifted and Black–Nina Simone
12. Oh, Freedom–Harry Belafonte
13. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Suite: Sunday in Savannah–Nina Simone
14. Minerva–Ani DiFranco
15. Freedom Time–Lauryn Hill
16. Evolution (And Flashback)–Gil Scott-Heron
17. Dream–Toshi Reagon

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