Wednesday, September 26, 2007

could those be roots I feel?

I've been up and down ladders and scooting around dusty floors with a paintbrush in hand for the last week, helping to ready Laughing Lotus San Francisco. It's been tremendously rewarding being a part of the sub-molecular gestation of the new center. However, I'll be happy when we're finished. Not just because my body is beginning to object but because I'm ready to start teaching again. I miss it - it's been almost two months! I've never been away from teaching for so long. I know teaching will get the ball rolling on everything else too: it means I'll meet people and begin to form more of a sense of community. It's also a creative outlet for me, and I know it will get my deeper creative juices flowing again. Can't wait.

I'm back to shaking it up and out on my mat as well. It took a little while to feel at home in my new space but it's finally starting to feel like I can dance my own dance again. Probably helped that the clothes finally came off today. For some reason I've been apprehensive to practice naked here. Maybe because I live on a street with little houses, and I was/maybe still am convinced that the neighbors might be able to see in. So, I kept the blinds closed this morning - not ideal, since I'd like to enjoy the CA morning sun. But that took care of that concern and freed up the whole experience. Maybe tomorrow I won't keep the blinds closed. Besides who cares if the neighbors can see? Isn't part of the practice reveling in the glory of what God has crated and given us? If they're looking...well that's on them. Maybe they'll be inspired to unshackle themselves in some new way. Who knows?

Speaking of unshackling, I went to a class in Berkeley last week. I'm trying to be open. I think that will have to it's own post. For now I'll just say that I'll be glad when I'm able to share classes with my LL family again.

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