Saturday, October 27, 2007

who dat?

I was in New Orleans last weekend, teaching at Wild Lotus Yoga. It was exactly what the Cosmic Doctor ordered. It felt great to practice in the warm, humid NOLA fall, and it's such a wonderful community of yogis down in the bayou. My body and mind were fed and refreshed. If you're ever there, you absolutely must drop in to experience their beautiful bhav. On the last night I had the privilege to jam with members of the Wild Lotus band. What a gift to be in the company of other bhaktis. Thanks and praise to you Sean, to you and your fabulous family of yogis.

Om Pavana Suta Hanumana ki Jai!


Uma Shankar said...

i read Nice postings from your blog sir.....Will have Link exchange? .. my
......Jai Sri Ram.....

Uma Shankar said...

I have added your link in my blog
...Jai Sri ramaKrishna ji ki jai..