Monday, June 16, 2014

European Satsang

Dance with the circumstances
But keep aware of the dancers
and the of the purpose of the dance.

The relationships you keep have a great effect on you:
you become what you associate yourself with.
So stay only in Holy company,
on travel with those in the same boat.
Nothing is better than Satsang so keep your friends Here.
Associate only with those going in the same direction
and go to Truth at any cost.

A friend is one who does not disturb your mind.
Maintain no friendship with ones who disturb your mind,
no matter how close they are,
be it a person, a place, or idea.
Do not accept the invitations of foolish persons
because when you live in their society
Truth will not kiss you. ~Sri H.W.L. Poonja

I'm packing today. Off to Germany and Spain for the next few weeks. It's the European Teaching Tour, Summer 2014 edition. I'm looking forward to seeing those I know and those I haven't yet met but are meant to.

Things get started on Thursday in Berlin where I'll be teaching the daily yoga classes, and making music for the 11-day Thai Massage Course for Beginners taking place at the Osho Mauz Zentrum. I also get to be the student during this time. I'll be exploring new ways to assist and heal, and I'll come home with a few new skills to share with my community here.

From there, to the Couch in Köln, the Conference in Barcelona and my shanti in Nürnberg. All the specifics are on I'm sure I'll have reflections along the way.


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