Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

On this holiday, the cornerstone of the Christian faith, and during this week of Passover - both being celebrations of freedom and new beginnings - it is always good to remember we're not so different from each other. Religions, faiths, Gods/Goddesses my have different names, but the seeking and the sought after are the same; love, light, wholeness and spiritual freedom are not exclusive to any belief system. With that, here's the passage from Life of Pi to which I referred to this morning in my Easter class.

image by collective dogs

I know a woman here in Toronto who is very dear to my heart. She was my foster mother. I call her Auntieji and she likes that. She is Québécoise. Those she has lived in Toronto for over thirty years, her French-speaking mind still slips on occasion on the the understanding of English sounds. And so, when she first heard of Hare Krishnas, she didn't hear right. She heard "Hairless Christians", and that is what they were to her for many years. When I corrected her, I told her that in fact she was not so wrong; that Hindus, in their capacity for love, were indeed hairless Christians, just as Muslims, in the way they see God in everything, are bearded Hindus, and Christians, in their devotion to God, are hat-wearing Muslims.

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