Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 in 1 month

This is the month when the forward-bend photos of me are in Yoga Journal. I knew that November was the publication date. I haven't seen the issue yet because I've been in Alabama for the last few days where a current issue is hard to come by. But I've been hearing through the yoga-vine that the spread turned out great.

On my way to the airport this morning - one last try at finding the new YJ - I popped into a Barnes & Noble. No luck. "Probably later today", I was told. So I grabbed a copy of Yoga + Joyful Living to add to my in-flight reading stack. While doing my initial flip-through who do I come across but ME.

I answered an ad from New York photographer David Sachs three years ago calling for yoga models. I got the gig, did the shoot, and had all but forgotten about it until recently when I saw a shot (in Yoga+) of the woman - I really wish I could remember her name. I think it is Ayo, but is was three years ago - who was modeling the day I was. I remember the photogrpher being really pleased with the pictures, both the solo shots as well as some partner pictures. At the time I was told that all the pictures were for stock photography, so I've always known they could show up anywhere, anytime. When I saw a picture of my co-yogi show up in the last issue of Yoga+, I did think for a moment that maybe I would show up in print at some point soon. And then I forgot. Then today, unexpected as much as expected there I was. Just kind of kooky that Yoga+ would coincide with YJ, and that I would see it today. Must be the full moon.


Anonymous said...

Keith: Congrats! It's Hagar here, from Brooklyn. Listen, looks like we are moving to the Bay Area...where would you suggest looking for housing? And does LL do a training for teachers from other schools to be able to teach? Yay, I am so excited to take your classes again although I am also super-bummed to leave Fort Greene. Will we like it?
Hope you are well,
PS I can't find an email address for you...

Keith said...

Hi Hagar! Send me an e-mail message at keith@yogawithkeith.com. Can't wait to see you again!!