Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the responsibility of the mantle

Last night I shared with my class a mantra that is still fairly new to me: Aham Brahmasmi. Swami Sivanada Radha - in her book Mantras Words of Power (timeless books) - translates this as "I am Brahman" or "I am God". That's big.

At first, choosing to chant this mantra can seem a bit tricky; I have visions of someone being cautioned against taking the Lord's name in vain or a flash of lightning striking down the infidel. With deeper reflection I begin to realize that this mantra is a reminder, much like Om Purnamadah, that I am the reflection of and therefore very much a part of God.

My teacher Rabbi Gelberman would always remind me and my budding ministers that one of our 'jobs' is to be an inspiration worthy of being called the reflection of the Divine. Not always easy. Sometimes when we are on this path to our highest self, seeking to rediscover oneness something unplanned begins to happen : separation. We start to reconnect with the Divine but begin to put walls up between us and those who may not be on the path or who are perhaps on a different path. If all the paths on the mountain lead to the same peak, then how can we allow ourselves such a stumble? Because we are human, and we think with our heads more than our hearts. So this mantra is the tool to help reset or readjust our perceptions and sight so that we can take on the responsibility of the mantle of being a joy-filled, walking, talking piece of God.

See you at the top. Enjoy the journey!

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