Wednesday, December 12, 2007

apples and oranges

I will not be unkind or speak ill here because I don't like the idea of the internet being an open forum to spew venomous opinions. However, being back to teaching in SF has officially killed the buzz that New York gave me. I can admit it: I'm an addict. Yes, I'm addicted to the warmth and joy and curiosity and excitement that New Yorkers bring to their mat. Frankly I'm not sure why you'd come to the mat without those things. I keep waiting for that "tremendous" feeling that's supposed to behind the letting go... And I know that there's some resistance on my part, but there's plenty coming from the other side. Teaching to love brings out love. Why would I want to teach to anything else? And I don't mean love for me, but love of life and the practice of becoming your best and True Self. I know that nothing will ever keep me from my own practice and my own path but I fear that my new surroundings have the potential to make me step away from sharing the practice I love so much.

Abhyasa Vairagyabhyam Tan-nirodhah (Sutra I.12)

The movements of the mind are stilled through consistent practice and non-attachment to the outcome.

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Moray Watson said...

I have just taught a class in Jersey and am feeling exactly the same way. The class in question is the last class I will teach for another two weeks and I think I was expecting something more from it without actually realising it. My attachment to my class has made me expectant of some kind of return attachment, instead I feel at a loss. I guess I had hoped to end my season on a high note.
Perhaps though because we as teachers are more open as people to the class a reciprocation and a mutual exchange in feelings is expected in return. Leaving you with a rather flat and frustrated feeling when it isn’t immediately returned to you.

If that made any sense (laugh), this Yin time of year really is most puzzling, enjoying it for what it is rather than what it’s not can also settle the mind. Also you never truly know what impact your words and actions have actually had or are having on another person.