Friday, November 17, 2006

Successful double-team

I'm happy to report no shoulder pain. This is usually the time of year when my shoulders start getting achey; my bursitis starts to flair as the weather gets colder. Of course, it's apparently not going to get cold this year but that's another topic.

What seems to be making the big difference this year is my successful double-team: Acupuncture and Massage/Cranio-Sacral Therapy every other week with Victoria Koos and Jeremy Quinby, respectively. Rather than waiting to see what might happen this year and then trying to deal with it after, I'm treating the situation before it becomes a problem. It's totally working. So well, in fact, that I'm actually able to practice Gomukasana with my arms on both sides. That's never been the case. It's liberating. I don't feel like I have back off my practice, or be overly careful on the mat. Consequently, I've kind of been kicking my own ass, and I kinda like it ; )

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