Thursday, July 20, 2006

letting go, attachments... swaha!

My e-mail is misbehaving. Not good. Not good timing either.Not a thing I can do about it. Inhale. Exhale. Definitely frustrating. These are the things that love to pop up just before I leave town. Om Gum Ganapatiye Namaha! My brain tells me to keep checking for updates on Dotster's site to see when they will start forwarding to my account again. No change. It's like a watched pot. Inhale... Hopefully the exhale will come before I lose it.

I'm off to Toronto tomorrow. Last year this trip really shined a light on my attachments. I went around to classes to feel out the yoga community. I'd been warned that everything would be Ashtanga (no matter what the class description). It was true. I wasn't feeling it. Where is that darned exhale? Couldn't find it then either. I wasn't surprised that I have preferences. I was surprised how many I have. I don't know why I was surprised.

Of course, I did end up finding a yoga bhav I could get with in the Davids (see God Bless Canada!). I'm heading into this trip with my eyes a little more open. I'm only planning to take a couple classes with people I know (I'm always receptive in that situation). The rest of time I spend dancing around on my own mat. Ah, there's the exhale I've been waiting for. I'm still packing my preferences. After all, I still have a workshop to teach next week and a retreat to get ready for. I can't let it all go. But I can offer some of it up.


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