Saturday, February 18, 2006

long time, no post

After an extended holiday break abroad (no computer), and an out of town gig (no time and no computer)... I'm BAAAACK.

I'm getting ready to spend Sunday, March 5th upside down for my Inversion Immersion at Laughing Lotus. It's always a blast to hang out upside down. I learn something new every time prepare for this workshop. Stay tuned for more!

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Mofo-ray Watson said...

Yay, glad your back, I heard the most amazing album the other day and for some reason felt the urge to tell you about it, have you ever heard of 'Matisyahu' he is a Jewish, reggie/rapper/RnB/hip hop/rock .......I have no idea if I should class him or even how to! anyway, along the lines of Sinead O'Conner's reggie album, I think you might find it soulful, spiritual and cool all at once.